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Moving up in Agra’s ranks

Agribusiness retailer Agra announced this week it has promoted eleven people in the group to better serve its large client base through its 18 branches spread across the country.
“With Agra’s retail division serving the entire Namibia providing a huge range of diverse products for the agricultural industry and the general public, staff members have multiple opportunities to develop skills and climb the career ladder.”
Agra said branch managers have the opportunity to progress from managing smaller branches to branches with a wider client base and more extensive product range, while the opportunities exist for any staff member within the retail division to become part of branch management.  Agra said it uses best practices to align measurable HR processes to modern people and management principles in building capacity, managing change, and developing potential. “Agra has been participating in the Deloitte Best Company to Work For survey for the past three years.

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