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Prioritising your health is the key to success

Prioritising your health is the key to success

By Monique Cloete
MD Liberty Life Namibia

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is upon us again and as women, this presents another opportunity for us to recognise each other for our battles and our victories and a time for us to come together and support each other. This statement makes so much sense as we examine the unpredictable nature of the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in as a nation.

As women, we often focus on others around us and not ourselves, we just have an innate passion for nurturing and prioritising those that we love and care about. It is easy to lose sight of important aspects of our lives that are pivotal to our foundation and well-being, such as our emotional as well as mental well-being, and financial wealth to name a few.

As a managing director, I pride myself in the fact that women are the bedrock of our staff structure and clientèle and while, we believe that fostering financial freedom and enriching lives will create and empower the future leaders of tomorrow, this cannot be done if we do not prioritise the true key to success, our health. It is for this reason that I serve as a Director on the Board of the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) because I believe that the work that CAN do in our communities around creating awareness is invaluable.

Many lives have been lost due to breast cancer, which is why we need to stand together and bring awareness to the symptoms that one may need to look out for. As well as shed some light on the importance of screening as a significant way to detect early signs of breast cancer. We believe that taking care of oneself is the first step in prioritising their life.
According to CAN, in 2017, approximately 252 710 new diagnoses of breast cancer were expected in women, and approximately 40 610 women are likely to die from the disease. Therefore, we need to leverage and build a bridge against the stigma surrounding having breast cancer. Now more than ever we need to empower one another to prioritise our health, whether it is by having an MRI scan, ultrasound scan or mammogram.

The financial repercussions of breast cancer can be dire at times. Regardless of how prepared we may be, one has to acknowledge the obstacles that come with not having a comprehensive financial plan in place, including protection against these types of risks.

As women, we need to be at the forefront of encouraging our friends and family to look after one another by investing in what matters most, our health. The benefits that proceed from the decision to prioritise your health are endless.

With that said, I would like us to celebrate phenomenal and courageous women who take a stand in acknowledging the significance of putting their health first. We are all in it together.


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