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Manica Group CATS programme going strong – Group welcomes new students to in-house training

Manica Group CATS programme going strong – Group welcomes new students to in-house training

Freight logistics company, Manica Group Namibia recently welcomed the class of 2021/2022, to the Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS) programme.

The company confirmed that the new students started in July 2021 and they are also honoured to participate in this year’s graduation ceremony with the class of 2020/2021.

“Manica is proud to watch the CATS programme grow from strength to strength and the achievements that its graduates achieve and we are looking forward to being a supporter and member for many years to come,” the group said in a statement.

CATS is a two-year programme providing dual apprenticeship training to both school leavers and employees wanting to further their professional careers. Over the last 16 years over 30 companies have invested in CATS, with more than 200 students have entered the programme to become part of a skilled and employable workforce.

“Students are employed by one of the member companies for two years, and during this time they receive both practical and theoretical training, therefore their practical training is acquired by on the job training apprenticeship at their placed company and their theoretical education by studying business subjects at the Namibia University of Science and Technology,” they added.

Manica has proudly affiliated with the CATS programme since 2005 and has had over 39 intakes, with an impressive pass rate and stellar academic achievements throughout the years. Manica also had two Executive members acting as chairpersons for the CATS programme.

Manica boasts with an impressive alumnus of graduates, which graduates receiving permanent employment within the group. Many have grown within the ranks and some have reached senior levels, as well as being integral members of the team.

Marlyne Illonga, 2014 graduate and current Administrative Assistant at Rennies Consolidated said  “Manica made sure that I had a great support system that continuously checked in on me, making sure that I was progressing well at NUST and receiving suitable exposure at work for my practical training, which they financed.”

She said she has been financially independent since the age of 18, because of Manica’s support. “I have technically, never been unemployed and for that, I am most grateful as so many young people have qualifications but struggle to secure employment,” she said.

Hellena Ruben, 2018 graduate and current Ships Agent and Quality Officer at OLS said if it were not for the great atmosphere and the endless growth opportunities she received at Manica, she most likely would have dropped out of the CATS programme.

“Manica provided me with mentors that kept me motivated, and that made me see how the CATS programme is of great benefit, and how to apply what is taught in the lecture hall at work,” she said.


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