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Poems on life and living

Passionate seal man, Oswald Theart, has blossomed into a gifted poet, releasing his debut anthology, Borrelwater, a week ago.
Written in Afrikaans, Theart’s poetry wells up from a deep creative source reflecting his trials and travails in life.
Theart is an ex-policeman and widely known in the Okavango as the owner of Ngandu Lodge in Rundu, and Ngandu at Sea in Walvis Bay.
But his artistic side only develop later, first reflected in his emotive photography, later in his leather etches, and now in a series of poems.
The poems can only be appreciated by native Afrikaans speakers.
They are intended to touch an emotional cord, not only with his subjects, but also with an emphatic audience.
They are simple in composition and talks about ordinary but important aspects of life.
Style-wise, they are reminiscent of the early naive Afrikaans poetry of the 1920s and 1930s.
Yet they are powerful in their simplicity, each poem alternating with a corresponding photograph mostly taken by Theart himself.

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