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Tampering with electricity meters and illegal connections can cost you a N$16k fine – City of Windhoek

Tampering with electricity meters and illegal connections can cost you a N$16k fine – City of Windhoek

The City of Windhoek is concerned about the growing trend of electricity theft by some of its residents, which is a serious crime and highly risky.

The municipality in a statement this week discouraged members of the public from tampering or bypassing electricity meters because it is a major stumbling block to service delivery in Windhoek.

The municipality said that illegal connections of electricity especially within the informal settlements have become the most common way of illegally supplying power to Windhoek residents.

“Please report any illegal electricity connection to the City Police at 061 302 302 or 4444 SMS line, apply for a legal electricity connection if your current meter is malfunctioning or if it has been tampered with, do not cut the seal on your electricity meter box or tamper with your meter and call us to arrange for the meter to be exchanged safely,” they urged.

The municipality further said that if the public suspect someone has tampered with an electricity meter, one can make a call in total confidence to their Customer Contact Centre on 061-2903777.

“Any offence associated with bypassing of electricity or tampering with electricity meters and illegal electricity supply or connections carries a hefty fine of N$16,000 or imprisonment period not exceeding two years in terms of Section 42 of the Electricity Act 4 of 2007,” they concluded.


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