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N$30 commemorative note officially joins current family of bank notes in circulation

N$30 commemorative note officially joins current family of bank notes in circulation

The central bank officially issued a new commemorative N$30 bank note, at an event held to mark the issuance of the note as legal tender in the country on Friday.

The Deputy Governor of the Bank, Ebson Uanguta said at the event that he purchased goods with the newly printed note at two locations; namely the Woermann Brock Klein Windhoek Store and the popular informal open market.

The bank note can be used for the payment of goods and services alongside the current family of bank notes, he said.

“The commemorative note is a special bank note which marks the country’s three decades of independence, peaceful transfer of power between the country’s three presidents, and the entrenchment of democracy, national unity and stability,” he said.

Uanguta said the once-off-print is in limited quantities and therefore each Namibian should have an opportunity to own one and pay for goods and services with it or keep as a souvenir or collector’s item.

The commemorative banknote is available across the country at all commercial banks inside with the bank tellers and will not be dispensed at the ATM’s, Uanguta said.

Meanwhile, Uanguta said the public should desist from reproducing the images of the bank note without permission of the Bank.

“Please do not take pictures of, write on, make holes in, crumple or tear the bank notes, as they symbolize our national pride, national heritage and independence,” he concluded.

Caption: Bank of Namibia Deputy Governor, Ebson Uanguta chose the Woermann & Brock supermarket in Eros as the shop where the first-ever purchase was made with the new N$30 bank note. These notes will not be dispersed via ATM but only by bank tellers in the public service halls of commercial banks.


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