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‘Walking Forward’, places frontline workers in the spotlight

‘Walking Forward’,  places frontline workers in the spotlight

Season 2 of Tim Huebschle’s web series, ‘Walking Forward’, dives into the health aspects of the coronavirus pandemic, with the team engaging first responders, manufacturers of personal protective equipment and doctors & scientists working with the Covid tests.

The web series, which released on YouTube this month, builds on the docu-series format developed by Collective Productions during the first season of Walking Forward (2020) where creative entrepreneur, Ndinomholo Ndilula interviewed individuals from the arts and cultural sector.

In Season 2, the series introduces the audience to the people who have to keep on fighting, day in, day out.

Director Huebschle said the healthcare sector offers many stories of heroism and managing the impact of Covid as best possible, given the nature of the beast.

“Dealing with the medical impact of the pandemic itself is not a light subject matter. So it’s about tastefully unpacking the somewhat ruthless reality and providing our audience with the opportunity to gain valuable insights along the way,” said Heubschle. “Through their dedication and determination we are inspired to carry on walking forward into a yet unknown future.”

Ndilula said he was honoured and delighted to sit down with different healthcare workers to learn about their personal and professional experience of the pandemic.

“The healthcare sector comprises human beings and this season seeks to celebrate the individuals as well as the institutions. The series also employs an expanded approach by considering those who play a part in the broader physical health and mental wellness of the community. There is no easy way to talk about the individual and communal losses that we continue to face, but it is up to us all to be brave, to do our part and to do what we can to curb the further spread of Covid-19,” added Ndilula.

Cinematographer, Antonius Tsuob said his approach to filming season 2 was to keep it simple and let it unfold. He notes that the overall style of the series comes together in this manner and they made a conscious decision to let things flow naturally.

“The walking shots aesthetic is linking the very interesting maroon veldskoen with Ndinomholo’s very interesting walk or as I call it, the ‘Ndino Walker’. Through the lens the natural spaces and the atmosphere of Windhoek were kept simple, but still artistic. It was also an opportunity to showcase our city’s beautiful scenery and tones which are made up of different shades of green and brown,” said Tsuob.

The five episode docuseries features interviews/discussions with a paramedic and a professional nurse; a mechanical engineer; an emergency medical doctor and science lab professionals; a musician and a media personality and; a journalist and a kindergarten principal.

The docu-series is supported by the Namibia Film Commission.

Ndinomholo Ndilula and Ndahafa Frans at the Namibia Institute of Pathology lab in Windhoek. (Collective Productions).


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