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MPs urged to commit to their constitutional mandate of empowering people

MPs urged to commit to their constitutional mandate of empowering people

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Professor Peter Katjavivi reminded Members of Parliament of their constitutional mandate of empowering people as elected representatives.

He made this remark when he addressed an online seminar organised and hosted by the National People’s Congress of China on 22 June.

Katjavivi said that lawmakers have the power to use their legislative and oversight mandate to improve people’s livelihood. And he highlighted how this seminar came at an opportune time when countries are struggling to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and when there is great expectation for Members of Parliament to lead key policy interventions that will allow for socio-economic growth.

“This event provides us with an opportunity to strengthen the already existing excellent relations between our parliamentary institutions and countries, plus COVID-19 pandemic has had immense effect not only on the health sector but the overall global efforts to create sustainable growth and foster socio economic development,” he stated.

He said this meeting took place at a time where members of parliament are expected to lead key policy interventions that will allow for socio economic growth in our various countries. Katjavivi stated that in Namibia, Parliament has been making serious interventions aimed at managing the already limited resources, particularly in the current economic climate.

“During our recent budget debate, we have taken drastic steps in the curbing of public expenditure, while making considerable fiscal efforts to accelerate growth through state intervention and this is necessary in the current economic climate, which requires innovative thinking, to design policies that will lead us towards a sustainable growth trajectory,” he added.

The Speaker further revealed that Namibia was steadily winning the fight against poverty and under development.

“Namibia has made great strides in our war against poverty, this shows because between 2001 and 2011 we have recorded a 41% reduction in absolute poverty from 37% of the population to 26.9%, while sever poverty was reduced from 23% to 15.8,” he added.

Lawmakers from Liberia, South Africa and Zimbabwe also attended the virtual meeting.


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