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Twoobii satellite broadband provides reliable and fast connectictivity, even in the remote desert

Twoobii satellite broadband provides reliable and fast connectictivity, even in the remote desert

Tanja Schonenborn and Rafael Fuchsgruber recently completed a 1000 km run through the Namib Desert, while using the services of Q-Kon Namibia as their communications solution.

The duo travelled through areas with no, to limited communications available in the Desert.

Q-Kon provided them with the Twoobii satellite broadband service, so that they can stay in touch with loved ones at home, be able to upload photos and videos of the race and for emergencies services on-route, if there was a need.

Q-Kon Namibia in a statement said this proves that the Twoobii satellite broadband service has demonstrated the convenience and reliability of portable communications anywhere in Namibia and Southern Africa.

“The service is aimed at providing trusted communication for special events and unique user requirements who are travelling to remote locations with no other communication options,” they explained.

According to Fuchsgruber the Twoobii portable service provides the same connectivity anywhere, easy to deploy and reliable at their standard data bundle service bundles.

“This combination makes it a much more attractive option for tour operators, film crews or adventure expedition leaders,” he added.

“As you are aware, Namibia is experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases and as a population, we are staring at a lockdown, therefore with this in mind, the launch of this device will allow Namibians to stay connected whilst the government encourages us to stay apart, more so for individuals that re located in remote areas, like farms,” he explained.

Q-Kon said, the portable Twoobi terminal is about A3-size and comes in a carry pack suited for rugged environment and to activate the service, users deploy the unit using self-guide instructions to connect to the Twoobii satellite service platform.

“A big win for the market is that the broadband service bundles are unlimited with fixed rates and the billing is not usage based, which enables users to connect with peace-of-mind and uplink photos, set-up voice calls to support teams, use social media and do other general task,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nel de Jager, who was one of the race organisers said the Twoobii was awesome, because proper communications was one of their main concerns, but the Twoobii portable unit helped them and let them connect to the world.

The portable Twoobii Satellite date terminal on show at a recent Q-Kon client introduction


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