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Website to expose local icons to the world

Website to expose local icons to the world

An information revolution is launching which will finally give Namibia’s Performers and entertainment establishment’s freedom from the costly search engines and social networking websites who currently control which entertainment options the locals and tourists are exposed to.

Mitch St. Pierre, a former Canadian political Candidate/World Traveler and,Calistro Nhavotso from Maputo, Mozambique, both knew of the difficulty in finding all of the entertainment options within each city they travelled to so they did what no other business development team has done before, they teamed up with entertainment enthusiasts throughout each region of the world to create a completely unique website interface which will expose Namibia’s entertainment ICONs like no other website has done before. is the website they created and it is set to be number one source for entertainment information due to its entertainment only policy aimed at answering the question of “What is there to do in Namibia, or any city of the world, this week?”.

According to Mitch St. Pierre, “when it comes to entertainment we all want to find our people, our places and our entertainment ICONS in our hometown or the one we are travelling.”’s functionality and services will eliminate the costly and inefficient marketing on today’s search engines and social networking websites that the performers and entertainment establishments have to use in their attempts to connect with their market.

With iconoLand, entertainment will be discovered more easily as the website’s users will be able to simply click on their region, then click the category and genre of entertainment within that city to see all of the various entertainment ICONs. And unlike other websites which flood users with unrelated and unrequested notifications, iconoLand will allow the users to receive event only notifications of their favorite genre of entertainment. Additionally, the user will be able to receive event only updates of their favorite performer, athlete, team or promoter and this will allow the entertainers and promoters of Namibia to connect with their audience more effectively.

As for Mitch, and the rest of the team, they look forward to promoting each and every genre of entertainment within Namibia and motivating the world to get out, explore and have more fun. With iconoLand, the wide diversity of entertainment options in Namibia will no longer be condensed to the top three results of a search engine or the limited list of “Top Things To Do’, which countless websites offer.

The website’s services are unique, but it is the way in which this development team of people from all around the globe came together with a common goal which sets this story apart and will hopefully inspire others to do the same.

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