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DC Byte’s Market Spotlight unveils Africa’s data centre potential for digital transformation

DC Byte’s Market Spotlight unveils Africa’s data centre potential for digital transformation

Marrakech — In a world propelled by advancing technology and an insatiable appetite for digital services, the global data centre industry has experienced remarkable growth. However, a recent Market Spotlight by UK-based DC Byte, a leading provider of global data centre intelligence, shines a light on the untapped potential of emerging African markets, revealing a story of opportunity, innovation, and transformative possibilities.

The Market Spotlight delves deep into the secondary markets of South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco, painting a vivid picture of a continent on the cusp of a data-driven revolution. The report underscores the critical importance of investing in robust infrastructure, adopting advanced technologies, and nurturing partnerships to accelerate the growth of the data centre industry in Africa, shifting it to the forefront of the digital era.

Some key findings:

* The projected combined data centre investment in the five countries is expected to soar to an impressive US$3.5 billion by 2025. This figure corroborates the immense growth potential of these markets and the willingness of investors to seize the moment and capitalize on the promising African landscape.

* Africa’s journey to digitization has been remarkable, with internet penetration rates skyrocketing, with an average annual increase of 20%. The five countries in the report boast an average internet penetration rate of 56%, signaling a growing digital presence and an expanding consumer base eager to embrace the benefits of a connected world.

* The flourishing cloud services market in these African nations is poised to exceed US$3.2 billion by 2025, showing the increasing reliance on cloud technologies and infrastructure as the driving force behind business growth and innovation across the region.

“We are excited to present this thorough report to empower businesses and industry stakeholders with invaluable insights into the burgeoning data centre markets in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco,” said Ed Galvin, Chief Executive of DC Byte. “These countries exhibit promising growth prospects, and we firmly believe that our Market Spotlight will serve as an indispensable resource for those seeking to enter or expand their presence in these dynamic markets.”

Supported by a global team of analysts, DC Byte is a market leader for intelligence in the data centre sector covering more than 5,000 data centres, and a range of cutting-edge applications.


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