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Cheetah Conservation provides mobile clinics during World Rabies Day celebrations

Cheetah Conservation provides mobile clinics during World Rabies Day celebrations

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia celebrated World Rabies Day a fortnight ago, where the ambassadors of the Fund were encouraged to spread the word of the problem affecting wildlife

Dr. Laurie Marker, Founder and Executive Director of the Fund said rabies is a problem affecting the wildlife and as it is spread between un-vaccinated domestic animals it is passed very easily to the wildlife populations.

“The best way to minimise rabies contraction in wildlife is to promote awareness and encourage vaccinations for domestic companion and working animals,” she explained.

Marker said they hosted another public outreach campaign at their Research and Education Centre and invited the public to begin their own campaign to help promote rabies prevention and support for the CCF mobile clinic in Namibia by organising their own booths and promotions in their areas

“Our strategy has expanded from awareness and education to include a new mobile care clinic that allows the large scale vaccination of animals, bringing veterinary care directly to the community in the and puts us in contact with farmers who are willing to assist with other programs that will help us mitigate human wildlife conflict,” she added.

“I am so proud of all our cheetah friends and supporters who continue to assist our work in helping to save the cheetah for future generations, we can not do what we do without your support,” she concluded.


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