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Massive irregularities and misappropriation of public funds at ISAP – Project Whistle-blower

Massive irregularities and misappropriation of public funds at ISAP – Project Whistle-blower

By: Project Whistle-blower Namibia.

As we continued to look into the irregularities at various non-profit organisations in Namibia, we looked into the Intelligence Support Against Poaching (ISAP), and have found irregularities, therefore there needs to be further enquiries into this matter via official channels.

In 2019 they received public donations of N$2.6 million and paid salaries worth N$1.4 million, where two people got N$500,000 each in that year. While their anti-poaching expenses were less that N$90,000 and the rest was spent on the maintenance of the airplane that has been more of a liability than an asset.

They have not been audited in three years, for good reason, because how do you justify spending 90% of the donations on salaries and unnecessary expenses?

In 2019 they were kicked out of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism because of irregularities in their operations. Other than planting camelthorn trees and having birding weekends they have not done any anti-poaching activities, largely on the pretext of ‘it is confidential information’.

The CEO has been a massive supporter of the Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) claiming that the government has been stealing money from people. How is this any different from what they are doing?

You take money from corporates, embassies and people who think they are donating to a good cause and to save the wildlife, while people work on N$45,000 a month salary there. There is a long way to go in dealing with them and other NGOs who make money on the pretext of anti-poaching and saving wildlife.

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