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Do you have stories to tell about Peter Stark? Meet his granddaughter and tell her all about it

Do you have stories to tell about Peter Stark? Meet his granddaughter and tell her all about it

Brigitte Stark, granddaughter of Peter Stark, Author of ‘The White Bushman’ will be visiting Namibia in March for an information tour.

The tour is to get more information about her grandfather and the adventures he had to so that she can expand and publish a second edition of her grandfathers book.

Brigitte said she had always had a huge admiration towards her grandfather and his life’s stories, so much so that she did not want the unpublished, but most of all the untold stories to get lost without them being told.

She further stated that her grandfather, his children and grandchildren have so much stories to tell about lions, elephants and bushman encounters to say the least and even his friend, that shared his adoration for nature have a lot of stories to tell.

“So your stories, the stories of his friends are just as important to us and should be published together with his yet unpublished stories, therefore, I would like to reach out to everyone interested to meet me in March to listen to your stories, which may be published and people who contribute will be given recognition in the book”

She further urged anyone who has the time and is willing to contribute to contact her at [email protected] or phone or WhatsApp 079 861 7406 and let her know your connection to Peter Stark so that a date for a meeting may be set up in March.

“Sharing a heart and soul for Namibia and its wildlife and sharing the blessing of knowing the same person as a friend and Grandfather, Peter Stark, please help me to continue the legacy,” she concluded.


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