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Go Big Namibia Campaign

The Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) is proud to announce the launch of the Go Big Namibia online marketing campaign. The campaign is designed to position Namibia as a premier adventure tourism destination in Africa and to generate online buzz about Namibia ahead of the Adventure Travel World Summit to be held in October 2013 .
To spread the word about adventure travel in Namibia the Namibian Tourism Board has invited a team of nine world leading travel writers and videographers from Namibia, South Africa, the United States of America and Germany. The writers will be joined by Namibian music sensation EES and together they will be blogging, tweeting, posting on Instagram and Facebook whilst engaging with local communities to spread the word about adventure tourism in Namibia. The online coverage will highlight Namibia’s diverse adventure experiences, including varied wildlife, multitude of hiking trails, extreme sports, unique landscapes and cultural diversity. It is these factors that make Namibia a perfect adventure travel destination.
NTB will be tracking the writers’ journey on NTB’s social media platforms. NTB is therefore encouraging their trade partners such as tour operators to assist with spreading the content generated from the adventure trip. To facilitate this, the NTB has designed a custom Facebook Application that any stakeholder can add to their Facebook page as well as weekly content kits with content for industry stakeholders to post on their social media platforms. These are available in an easily downloadable format off the NTB website.
Everyone, living in Namibia or living elsewhere in the world, is encouraged to follow the thrills and spills of the travellers. Daily prizes will be given away on the Namibian Tourism Board’s Facebook page for the duration of the campaign. Prizes are won by either answering the question of the day on the Facebook page or by simply getting a photograph of you next to the Go Big Namibia van as it makes its way around the country.
Go Big Namibia will run from the 23rd of August to the 2nd of September.

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