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CEO of !Nami≠Nüs optimistic about growth of town

The second phase of the !Nami≠Nüs (former Luderitz) Waterfront Development Company (LWDC) is underway with the contractors on the site renovating Old Power station which will house the  Polytechnic of Namibia’s first satellite campus, a Maritime museum and indoor leisure facilities. It is estimated to cost N$ 230 million.
According to the Chief Executive Officer of the town Aunie Gebhard the lack of fuel storage facilities has resulted in high cost of doing business in the town specifically in the fishing industries in relation to their counterparts in Walvis Bay.
“Development is based on three key pillars which are natural resources, infrastructure and human resources development. !Nami≠Nüs is indeed blessed with mining and fishing, however due to the trend of external factors such as the global economic melt down which has resulted into the shrinking of key economic industries which are mining and fishing. The tourism sector is also heavily challenged due the Sperrgebiet diamond area apart from being proclaimed as a heritage site. Above all this challenge we see a dawn of hope and change that indeed investors should restore their confidence in the town of !Nami≠Nüs” she said.
Despite its challenges the town continues to grow as companies like Namport are busy upgrading their infrastructure and the same vein railway line rehabilitation is underway; a feasibility study on the deepening of second harbour port has been conducted. “!Nami≠Nüs is an evolution of industrialisation in Namibia, civilization and industrialisation started here with the first bank in Namibia and the Stock Exchange, therefore constant robust radical engagement to speed much needed economic transformation is priority for my office. I project !Nami≠Nüs to be the Center of a knowledge based economy, a commercial business hub of the south and a tourist destination of choice in Namibia, as a town we have a lot to offer more than any other town in Namibia. We are  striving towards vision 2030 as per our government national developmental goals, constant review of our Strategic plan to match with rapid change in this global competitive economy to address the need and the aspiration of our residents and community is the order of the day. Five years from now the economy of !Nami≠Nüs will be vibrant and active with an integrated master plan for the town.”
The CEO further went on to encourage investors to pursue, investing in property development, retail shopping complexes, logistic shipment, the servicing of land, legal services, medical services, and industrial outlets such as diamond cutting and polishing factory as well as the dry port terminal.
Spin off and new economy industries will emerge as a result of this development, as the LWDC further intends on building a sea view shopping Mall, Medic Clinic and Old Age Home.

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