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Third Euro-Namibia Music festival scheduled for month end

Third Euro-Namibia Music festival scheduled for month end

The 2020 edition of the Euro-Namibia Music festival will take place in Windhoek on 30 October at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC).

For this year’s festival, there is a vibrant mix of European and Namibian music performances lined up to create a festive setting, stimulate and strengthen the local and cultural scene.

European music artists that will perform virtually include: French artist Clément Reboul, who is a professional gypsy jazz guitarist for over ten years, Dota, singer and songwriter from Berlin and leader of the musical group “Urban Pirates”.

Her topical, critical texts are often delivered in rapid flowing rhythm and sound influenced by Bossa Nova and Jazz. Portuguese band Senza has a music style, which they call Lusophone fusion that includes musical influences from Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde and other Portuguese speaking countries.

Spanish artist Sergio de Lope and his ensemble are part of the new generation of creative flamenco makers, building bridges between Flamenco and Jazz music.

Local artists who will be perform live include; Big Ben Kandukira, a performing and recording artist, whose work focusses on Afro Pop, Afrobeat and a fusion of genres with a strong presence of tribal rhythms, melodies and local languages, whilst Erna Chimu is a Namibian Afro Jazz and Traditional Singer who has won the 2014 Namibian Music Award.

The Namibian Chapter of the European Union National Institutes for Culture Music Festival will also host music development training under the theme ‘Live audio production Master-Class’ to Namibian students.

Four areas have been identified as being most in need. These are Principles of Digital and Analogue Production; Balancing Frequencies, Sound Engineering for live shows; and Software development.

The Masterclass series will be conducted over a four-week period and renowned Namibian born, South African based Facilitator Burton Reid will deliver the Master-class sessions.

“It is a privilege for me to share my 24 years of experience with this group. I applaud the organizers for the initiative. I hope it occurs more frequently,” said Burton John Reid.

Music remains a matter of energy or a “global language” that connects us, releases stress and soothes mind and soul. Join the 2020 Euro-Namibian Music Festival from 17h00 until late. The performance will also be livestreamed on the EUNIC Namibia Facebook Page.




Big Ben will be performing at the 2020 edition of the Euro-Namibia Music festival.

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