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Local rock band releases first album- ‘This is Africa’

Local rock band releases first album- ‘This is Africa’

Windhoek based rock band Rushour recently released their first album titled “This is Africa” which will be launched on 05 March at the Warehouse theatre together with other acts such as Penilane, Roadhouse Blues and Gasoline.
Rushour describes their music as unique in the Namibian rock scene as their sound reverberates between rock ‘n roll and danceable rock with a twinge of vintage. For this they had to dig up many of the old music trends going back some six decades or more.
For their first album Rushour has recorded and published ten songs, all inspired by the people, life and nature of the nation they live in. The songs were mainly written by drummer Johannes Löytty and lead guitarist Deny Jones. Further musical contribution came from Etienne Hofmeyr, bass, and Klaus Rennack, lead vocal and rhythmic guitar. The band says their songs try to pinpoint certain phenomena in this African country 25 years after independence.
The album was recorded, edited, mixed and mastered in Wouter de Bruyn’s Groove Studios in Windhoek. Songs like “Sand&Stones”, “Taxi Driver” and “Look At The Sky” stick out as genuine reflections on life in Namibia.
The band looks forward to putting this album on the local, national and international market as something truly Namibian that might also interest people outside the country.
The album is available for sale at the Namibia Book Market, Macadam Street, Windhoek, as well as at other selected local vendors. Downloads from all well-known digital stores can be done as from this Friday, 12 February.
Rushour is known for playing interesting sets of special cover style music mixed with songs of their own. Performing at regular venues such as The Boiler Room and La Brocante, the band is much appreciated by people wanting to enjoy food, drink and also move around on the dance floor.
They do performances for private parties and are always keen to entertain with new material. Since mid-2014 the band has been playing with their new lead guitarist Andreas Hofmeyr, who took over after Deny Jones moved back to Europe.
The four members are now ready to hit the stages and entertain local audiences with tracks from their debut album as well as covers that by now have become Rushour classics.

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