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SSC Fund for education

The Social Security Commission’s development fund has invested more than N$93 million over the past 5 years to assist 206 students with bursaries and study loans.
In 2013 alone, 72 students have been awarded bursaries and loans totalling N$11, 5 million. The SSC said it requests learners to apply now for new bursaries and study loans for the year 2014.
Rino Muranda, Head Corporate Communications at the SSC said that on average 25 to 30 bursaries are awarded each year.
“The Social Security Commission provides a safety net for the Namibian workforce and their dependants and as such also plays a pivotal role in assisting in creating employment – be it in the formal or informal sector or as self-employed Namibians,” he said.
Applications are for a first diploma or degree at a recognized institution of higher education.

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