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Bank Windhoek encourages Bizzkids to think big

Bank Windhoek believes that the sooner someone is exposed to entrepreneurship and business in general, the sooner that person will lose the fear for the unknown. Youth entrepreneurship involves acquainting young people with the realities and opportunities of small-business employment and ownership.
Today, many aspiring entrepreneurs prefer to enter into low-risk businesses, such as shebeens, salons, barber shops, cuca shops and dress-making amongst others, which in most cases do not generate the desired profit margins, but as long as the business break even and the owner can afford to feed his/her family and pay for all the basic necessities, including paying for school fees. Namibians need to shift their mindset from that of being followers to that of being creators and innovators .
It is for this reason that Bank Windhoek launched the Bank Windhoek BizzKids Competition four years ago to help scholars realize their business ideas..
It allows scholars across Namibia between the ages of 6 and 16, to enter their business plans and win the opportunity to put their business savvy to the test. The objectives of the Bank Windhoek BizzKids Competition are to educate the Namibian youth about entrepreneurship and give the young entrepreneurs an opportunity to enter a competition whereby they can win one of 10 exhibition stands at the 2013 Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair & Family Expo.
The Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair & Family Expo, taking place on 1 and 2 November 2013, will give the top ten young BizzKids entrepreneurs an opportunity to showcase their products and services. In addition, the top ten entrepreneurs or teams will each get a promotional cap, t-shirt and bag to wear at the Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair & Family Expo. The winner/s gets to be titled the ‘Bank Windhoek BizzKid/s’ and they will keep the proceeds of their sales and no commission will be paid over to Bank Windhoek.
“Although we encourage prospective participants to think big and come up with unique and innovative ideas, what is most importantly is that the idea should be marketable and saleable,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer: Marketing and Corporate Communication Services at Bank Windhoek and also one of the judges.
The competition was launched on 24 June 2013 and the closing date for entries is 27 September 2013. Winners will be announced on 30 September 2013.

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