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FNB will not negotiate in the media – Amuenje

Florentia Amuenje, Head of Human Resources, FNBFNB has said that it remains committed to the salary negotiations process currently underway with the Namibia Bank Workers Union (NBWU).
According to Florentia Amuenje, Head of Human Resources, it remains FNB’s philosophy not to negotiate through the media, also because it is regulated by the recognition agreement.
She said that FNB has never and will not bypass the union as the only negotiation partner and that nothing was communicated to FNB’s employees that was not first shared with the NBWU as per the recognition agreement.
“FNB is not a proponent of our people reading about their issues in the media. FNB, as a responsible employer, regularly communicates with its employees and will continue to do so,” said Amuenje.
Amuenje revealed that last year FNB employees requested that the Bank communicate its position earlier in the negotiation process, an approach that was shared and recorded as part of the negotiation process this year.
“FNB will keep their staff informed. The recognition agreement with the NBWU states that only the union can represent their members in the negotiations as long as there is a recognition agreement with them. Obviously both FNB and the NBWU have an obligation to respect and follow the rules of its agreements and the laws of the country. If such agreements are breached or laws broken, both parties have legal rights,” She said.
Two week ago, the the Union decided to reject the 7% increment and slight increase in other benefits offered by the Bank and demanded that the bank increase its offer to 12% plus other benefits such as housing and transport.
The Union also threatened FNB Namibia with a mass demonstration which will close all FNB branches throughout the country.
“The total value of FNB’s latest remuneration offer is 10.93% of which 3.5% is offered as recognition payments and discretionary bonuses. As these payments and bonuses are not part of the negotiation process but still a real remuneration benefit to our employees, the NBWU is unhappy to acknowledge it in terms of the overall offer.” she said.
Adding that FNB will honour the 5% increment on medical aid as agreed last year.
The Bank also cautioned employees that any premature action will be disrespectful to the Office if not unlawful.
The Bank also assure its clients that the negotiations process will not affect them and remains committed to continue serving stakeholders as usual.

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