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We want a resolution!

During the 27th Annual General Meeting of Meatco held last week Friday, the Corporation’s members renewed their mandate to the Meatco Board and Management with regards to the future ownership of Meatco. The Meatco members recognise the importance of government as a strategic partner in the meat industry and accept that there is an important role for government in the future of Meatco. They unanimously resolved that an amicable solution be found to settle the differences between the members of Meatco and government with regards to the future ownership of the Corporation. The Meatco members have therefore requested the Board and Management to proactively engage government at the highest levels in order to avert a deadlock, which is not in the best interest of the Meat Industry.
Amicable solution use the Working Group position as a starting point to seek a negotiated outcome in order to give a new impetus to the Meatco future ownership debate in the best interest of all role-players; and improvise a settlement approach that allows producers to retain maximum, sustainable financial benefits, control and management of the future structure whilst affording government a legitimate role in the future ownership structure. Meatco has already approached government on behalf of its members to start working towards a solution that best suits the Namibian red meat sector, the members of Meatco and government.

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