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When will our Malema show himself?

Dear sir,
It does not seem there was much to celebrate on 21 March. Twenty-two years after independence, the majority has little or nothing at all to show. On the other hand, the rich and well-off have much to boast about.
They are, however, less than 5% of the people.
South Africa got rid of Julius Malema. Where is our ‘Malema’? I am curious as to where our Namibian Malema is hiding. Our problems are bigger than those of South Africa; more people in Namibia are jobless than those in South Africa, and our people have no hope that their fortunes may change under the ruinous rule of SWAPO.
Malema was a symptom of a sick society, he disappeared but South Africa is still sick. Our society is sick too; what it constantly receives from SWAPO as medicine is a handful of Aspirins and a generous dose of hogwash. Both cannot heal Namibia; we now know it.
At Mariental, on 21 March, we heard many more of the old promises, hogwash and even plain bull. Our President told us ‘we’ will steer the Namibian ship through the stormy waters into safety. He has been telling this story since his first day in office. However, he did not do anything.
Did something improve, or let me rather ask, do we have the right to expect any improvement if in reality nothing was actually done to affect improvement? Did we, the poor, feel or see an improvement? Are the many corrupt officials behind bars now? Do we have our own place now to build and live, to sleep under a solid roof at night? Can we leave the municipal dumpsites now and give them back to the animal-scavengers?
The services of our state are in a sorry state. Things in Namibia are moving in the same direction as in other autocratic, ‘Mafia-Style’ ruled states. The million dollar buildings that are being erected by the SWAPO government to show off the party’s ‘glory’ areabsurd as at the same time, the shacks of the poor multiplied around towns.
Corruption is well and growing, its roots are in a fertile soil that gets the best feeding and water and specialist-gardeners lovingly tend it. Root out corruption was the new credo seven years ago! Well, not even he himself, our President, believes in what he tells us constantly in the style of a Tibetan prayer-mill. Corruption is there to stay, corruption helps maintain and solidify the sharp, social differences within a hierarchical society – without the differences between rich and poor, the society will dissolve. So, corruption has to stay healthy and you and me have to stay poor forever, the rich have to stay rich and the powerful in power, which is all the ‘hidden party-agenda’ contains. This is what we,  the poor learned, this is what we see, what we feel, what we know. And because of that, we will remember Mr. Pohamba forever as the chief-gardener of his crew of gardeners, the SWAPO elite.
Rudolf O.
By E-mail

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