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Telecom responds to claims of Leo takeover

Telecom has described claims made by a local daily regarding the Telecom / Leo deal as having no base.
In an statement issued by Oiva Angula, senior manager, corporate communications and public relations  at Telecom, the telecommunications company said that it is inundated with queries regarding Leo and that articles which where published in this regard which Telecom has no input into and will not accept responsibility.
According to Angula, the company was surprised by claims in a daily on Tuesday that it has taken over the management of Leo.
“This claim is entirely baseless and wrong. As matters are, Telecom Namibia is in no way involved in Leo,” Angula said.
He further said that the nature and extent of Telecom’s relationship with Leo is that the company submitted its bid for the purchase of  Leo shares following a call for bids by Powercom’s owners last year in May. The parties are still negotiating, and a change of ownership and control of Leo is subject to regulatory approvals under the Communications and Competition Acts.
“It is in the best interests of all concerned that the public is informed accurately and timely of developments regarding the future of Leo. To the extent that Telecom Namibia is in a position or authorised to do so, we will share such information with the media,” he said.

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