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Tourism in the township by Kasie

Imported from South Africa is the Boshveld chicken breed, another project run by the Young Achievers. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)Marketing Director, Jordan Johannes and  CEO of Kasie Adventures Micheal Mulonga at the Young Achievers Library in Katutura. (Photograph by Yvonne Amukwaya)Young, bright and making a difference

Located almost in the heart of Shandumbala, Katutura lies the premises from which Kasie Adventures are currently operating from.
Kasie Adventures is a youth-owned and operated tour company that was launched last year and forms part of the Young Achievers Empowerment project. Currently the project consists of 60 young members of which 20 are employed as tour guides for the Kasie Adventures company. The main aim is to generate income for its members with the secondary aim of seeing them through tertiary education.
Kasie Adventures take foreign tourists on guided tours through Katutura townships. Tour guides are versed in local custom, history and township dynamics. As a young company without substantial funding, the founders had to come up with ingenious ideas to make the business plan work. One such innovative idea is to make use of taxis to enable tourists a genuine, yet unique experience during their township visit. To ensure a quality tour, Kasie also only allocates three visitors per tour guide.
“Our greatest challenge right now is transport, said the marketing director of Kasie Adventures, Jordan Johannes. We do not have vehicles of our own therefore we rely on hiring cars which has proven costly or taking taxis” but we are very hopeful and would like to expand our services to countrywide tours said Johannes
When asked on the impact the project has had on the lives of the youth forming part of it, Mulonga gave his own testimony of how the Young Achievers Empowerment project gave him a loan to be able to enroll at the Polytechnic of Namibia and pay it off by working at the Young Achievers Empowerment project library. “If it were not for them, I might never have made it to further my studies,” said  Mulonga.
Johannes further added that the project keeps them busy, focused and off the streets. He also pointed out some of the benefits of being a member, such as free grade 10 and 12 tutoring classes to enable learners to excel in their subjects, discount on the eggs from the imported boshveld chicken project as well as educational tours and guest speakers at their every Saturday meetings.
All this he said “encourages the youth to keep away from trouble and exposes the youth to the outside world whereas this would not have taken place if they had chosen to stay at home”
“One of our long term goals is to open our own small museum in Katutura, exhibiting the history of the former township,” concluded Mulonga ambitiously.

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