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Namibians living abroad urged to respect and abide by the precautionary measures put in place – Minister

Namibians living abroad urged to respect and abide by the precautionary measures put in place – Minister

The Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah said they are deeply concerned by reports of Africans being mistreated in China.

In statement this week, Nandi-Ndaitwah said Namibia noted with satisfaction that the issue was discussed in Beijing between the Ambassadors of the African Group and Mr. Chen Xiadong, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of China.

“We appreciate the efforts undertaken by China in dealing with the disturbing events in Guangzhou Province and we welcome the assurance by the Chinese authorities that it is not the policy of the China to discriminate against African nationals,” she said.

Nandi-Ndaitwah further wished to remind all Namibians living abroad to respect and abide by the precautionary measure put in place by their respective host countries to ensure that the virus is contained and lives are saved.

“Namibians nationals in the affected areas are advised to remain in contact with the Embassy of Namibia in Beijing directly or through the Namibia Student Association in China,” she advised.

Meanwhile the Chinese Ambassador to Namibia Zhang Yiming met with Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah to communicate about the allegations.

Ambassador Zhang said China had paid a huge price for fighting the epidemic in the past two months and had achieved remarkable progress, however, the number of imported cases keep increasing and the epidemic prevention is facing a serious challenge.

“Guangzhou is one of the first Chinese cities adopting opening up policy and many foreign friends are living there, therefore, since late March 26 confirmed imported cases have been related to foreign citizens, including 22 African citizens,” he explained.

According to Zhang in order to better protect the lives of all people in the City, Guangzhu has upgraded relevant anti-epidemic mic measures such as inspection and quarantine, therefore, the Municipality has taken relevant measures to fulfil its responsibility for safeguarding the health and safety of both Chines and foreigners there.

“During the implementation process, there emerged few improper activities by field officials, which has caused concerns from African friends,” he explained.

He reassured that the Chinese government always treats all foreign nationals equally, rejects differential treatment and has zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination and they take the aforementioned problem seriously.

The Ambassador assured that the relevant local government is taking improvement measures and strengthening communication with the African side, and that they can cunt on getting fair, just and friendly reception in China.

“China and Africa are good brothers, friends and partners and the profound friendship between the two sides has sustained various tests for a long time and we hope Namibia could view this matter in a rational and objective way,” he concluded.


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