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Multi-cultural, soulful Nasim to grace the stage Under the Stars

Multi-cultural, soulful Nasim to grace the stage Under the Stars

Night Under the Stars (NUTS) will be hosting Nasim, a soulful Namibian musician, singer and songwriter on 6 March at the Goethe Institut Namibia. Nasim celebrates a multicultural background and draws from past experiences.

“My music is affected by my experiences and upbringing in Namibia, from the slang I speak to the experiences my country has brought through school and university. Certain songs I have written can only be understood by Namibians,” explained Nasim.

Nasim who is of Ethiopian and Jordanian decent said, with more than one cultural influence, it is not easy to classify her music in the box of one genre. “For instance, I have worked on using the official language of Ethiopia, Ahmaric, in one of my songs and I hope to expand on that,” she added.

She is inspired by her faith, the Baha’i Faith, the latest of the nine major world religions, that promotes unity and diversity, equality of men and women and service amongst many principles.

“The lyrics of my songs are drawn from a place of pain and happiness that manifests in various ways, from songs about love, empowering individualism and melanin to promoting unity and embracing personal beauty,” she said.

According to Nasim this edition of NUTS will feature a lot of her recent songs that swing from being in her own feelings and amen-ing some truths to just having fun. “I have always wanted to make music that makes people happy and could help someone in need,” she concluded.

Nasim will be accompanied on stage by Ali on the guitar, Ray on key and bass, Emmanuel on guitar and djeme and Tangeni and Vitore as back-up vocals.

Entry is N$20.

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