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City of Windhoek Mayor urges City employees to save for successful implementation of Action Plan 2020

City of Windhoek Mayor urges City employees to save for successful implementation of Action Plan 2020

The City of Windhoek held their monthly Council Meeting on 27 February, where the Mayor, Her Worship Fransina Kahungu said it is only through teamwork that they will be able to achieve the goals they have set for themselves this year.

“On 19 February we approved the Mayoral Action Plan 2020 and I implore you that we must commence with the implementation phase now, we can not afford to waste a single second, because every second counts against use,” she urged.

She said if they are to succeed with the implementation of the Action Play, the active participation of the communities in all the City’s implementation activities is of paramount importance. “We must therefore ensure their participation, at all times, through the establishment of the Informal Settlement Development Committee, in fact this is a requirement of the policy,” she added.

She highlighted the fact that the Council needs to save to successfully implement their agendas for the year. “Therefore we need to address whether funds spent on food and drinks at every event is justifiable and [we need] measures to regulate overtime and examine whether it is vulnerable to abuse,” she emphasised.

She asked for cooperation from all employees and stakeholders when the cost cutting measures are implemented, because, “it is being done to find funds to provide services to the residents, which is why [the Council] exists.”

She concluded by encouraging the residents of Windhoek to keep on saving water and to join the rest of the country at the Independence Stadium on the morning of 21 March for the country’s 30-year Independence celebrations.

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