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Four new councillors elected to Law Society council for 19/20 term

Four new councillors elected to Law Society council for 19/20 term

At the Annual General Meeting of the Law Society of Namibia towards the end of last year, four new councillors joined their four colleagues who have already served on the council for a year.

Vanessa Boesak, Gilroy Kasper, Jo-mari Koekemoer and Appolos Shimakeleni were voted in as council members, replacing the four outgoing councillors and joining existing councillors Eldorette Harmse, Etuna Josua, Eliaser Nekwaya and Meyer van den Berg.

The councillors of the Law Society are elected on a two-year rotational basis so that there are always four councillors from the previous year and four new councillors to ensure continuity in the society’s affairs. The current council serves until the next AGM at the end of 2020. The Chairperson is Dr Meyer van den Berg with Vanessa Boesak as Vice Chair.

The Law Society of Namibia is a self-regulating body created in terms of the Legal Practitioners Act (1995), which serves the profession and the public by promoting justice, protecting the independence of the judiciary and upholding the Rule of Law.

In a statement issued this week, the society said its mandate includes the protection of monies entrusted to legal practitioners in private practice by members of the public, as well as ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations regarding trust monies.

Caption: Back row, standing, Eldorette Harmse, Etuna Josua, Gilroy Kasper, Appolos Shimakeleni and Jo-mari Koekemoer. Front row, seated, Retha Steinmann (Director), Meyer van den Berg (Chairperson) and Vanessa Boesak (Vice-Chairperson). Insert: Eliaser Nekwaya.


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