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Namibia to export 350 tons of charcoal to the USA

Namibia to export 350 tons of charcoal to the USA

Namibia will ship a consignment of 350 tons of charcoal worth N$2 millions to the United States of America, an official announced on Wednesday.

U.S. Embassy in Namibia Media Assistant, Jacques du Toit said the U.S. Ambassador Lisa Johnson will participate in the sendoff a consignment of charcoal from Namibian supplier, Africa Burns Charcoal, to a U.S. buyer. The consignment will be showcased at the event on Friday in Windhoek.

“The shipment of 350 tons represents a landmark deal for the charcoal exporter. The deal was facilitated by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),” he added.

According to Du Toit, after signing an agreement with the Namibia Charcoal Association (NCA), of which Africa Burns Charcoal is a member, USAID facilitated relationships with charcoal exporters and buyers for sustainable and long-term business.

Charcoal production is an important activity for managing bush encroachment in Namibia.

According to the Namibia Biomass Industry Group, to date, estimates are that 45 million hectares of rangeland are severely affected by bush thickening in Namibia and despite the negative consequences of bush encroachment, it creates opportunities and multiple benefits.


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