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Silly season – target for criminals

Silly season – target for criminals

“While everyone starts to relax and ease up for the upcoming holidays, this is exactly when criminals, fraudsters and scam artists become more active. Our statistics clearly show that the customers/public are prone to fall for several scams and sustain more losses from now on until mid-January,” says Ingrid Kahona-Katjiukua, Group Risk & Compliance/Forensics, FNB Namibia.

That is why FNB Namibia has launched a campaign to sensitise clients about possible tricks that fraudsters get up to during this festive season.

“We encourage our clients to be vigilant at all times to contain any potential losses and we call on each and everyone to work with us to show “Zero Tolerance” to all forms of criminal attacks.”

The customer education campaign launched by FNB Namibia is designed to promote anti-fraud awareness and educate clients on how to keep their money safe by thinking twice, acting smart and using simple principles and banking features to be safer.

FNB Namibia has designed communications on all types of fraud scams that customers are exposed to, and will share these via across all customer touchpoints – including print media, social media, online, ATM’s, radio and TV. Focus areas of the campaign include card and online security, identity theft, ATM security and cellphone security.

Ingrid added that unfortunately some of our customers themselves unsuspectingly allow their accounts to be used fraudulently.

“We all need to understand that these syndicates are professional criminals who sound and look like anyone out there. Once they have scammed you, they distance themselves from you the moment the crime has been exposed, because they live outside the law, have no moral code and place no value on the lives of the people they use in the execution of their crime.” she said.

Check Twice. Act Smart and Prevent Fraud is the FNB’s customer campaign message, the bank added.


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