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Back up yor data!

Back up yor data!

By Peter Karon
Green Enterprise Solution.

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and most of us already have one foot out the door. Thinking about trips to be taken and dinners and drinks to be had and made.

However, without sounding like a killjoy there’s something essential you need to do. Whether at home or at work, please back up all work, pictures, data and anything else that may be stored on computers, laptops, iPads or smart devices.

Losing data is probably the single most catastrophic thing that can happen to an organization. But, it’s not just companies, imagine losing all your photographs of weddings, births, kids growing up, graduations and holidays…simply because you thought or assumed data was backed up. Not to mention legal documents, financial statements, the fall-out would be disastrous and in some cases by not backing up data you would be breaking the law.

We create fail-saves in lots of situations and double-check that we are safe and secure. From checking your climbing gear to having the pilot do safety and fallback or contingency checks in case something breaks down. Carrying your spare tire in the boot of your car is basically a back-up.

So, it would seem logical and sensible with something as important as data that you would have a fail-safe of some kind. Just think; computers break down, get stolen, there are power surges and outages that effects the equipment or maybe even a hacker with bad intentions steals or hijacks your data.

Not a question of trying to scare people into backing up data, however data is easily lost and backing up could actually not be simpler these days. On top of that, for many organizations it is now a legal requirement to keep data of customers and financial records as well as any other data. Losing data to a coffee spill or theft won’t be a good enough excuse. In fact, there’s no excuse.

You can use cloud-storage solutions, you probably already do for your personal data through Google-drive, DropBox or through Apple’s iCloud storage. Some people may even double up and use a physical hard drive to back up data as well. Whatever you use, knowing your data is backed-up no matter what happens, will give you peace of mind. These days it couldn’t be easier. Cloud storage solutions are the simplest way of backing up data and preventing data loss whatever happens.

Data can be automatically backed up, stored off-site or in the Cloud and there’s no duplication of data. This creates easy and efficient storage.

Every year, organizations large and small produce reams of information, terabytes of the stuff. This information is vital for the survival of the company. From financial records, to customer data to expensive software that runs machines and keeps the company’s operation flowing smoothly it all generates data that needs to be backed up.

Whether the organization is large or small, their responsibility to safeguard information and data is no less. Companies and organizations will expose themselves to lawsuits, criminal damages and immense fines if they cannot ensure that their clients’ data is protected and stored.

So, before going off on holiday double-check and ensure that you have your data backed up and that your organization has proper back-ups and back-ups of back-ups as a catastrophic failure could be just around the corner. No one wants to hear; should have, could have, would have but didn’t… when it comes to storing your data securely.

Go into the holiday season with peace of mind and your data backed up!