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Benguella ski boat fishers enter agreement with Fish Consumption Trust

Benguella ski boat fishers enter agreement with Fish Consumption Trust

The Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust signed an agreement with Benguella Ski Boat Fishing Association to promote the consumption and distribution of frozen line fish and fish products across the country.

As per the agreement, the association will provide line fish such as Snoek to complement the trust’s market needs. The fishers and the marketers mutually agreed on the pricing of line fish so that consumers who buy from the trust’s outlets can also have access to these high quality species.

According to De Wet Siluka, the trust’s spokesperson, the agreement centres on willingness and goodwill between the two parties to beneficially support one another to promote fish consumption. He described the agreement as a smart-partnership based on collaboration with a small part of the bigger fishing industry where the value of the commodity is generally higher than the type of fish usually distributed by the trust.

“These programmes encourage enterprise development in the local fish trade to ensure the availability of fish in all corners of our country. Another objective is product diversification to meet the growing demand from customers for higher value species. In the past, the trust’s immediate goals was to make affordable protein available to address extreme hunger and poverty in lower-income strata.

Many of these customers have now developed their fish tastes to a level where more expensive fish has become popular.

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