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Namibia-Venezuela Association condemns coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia

Namibia-Venezuela Association condemns coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia

The Namibia Venezuela Association has repudiated the military coup on the Plurinational State of Bolivia and its democratically elected president Evo Morales and his Vice-President.

Following the electoral process which saw Evo Morales succeed as President of Bolivia, as per the majority choice, on 20 October, right-wing forces have continuously taunted, intimidated, threatened and encouraged civil unrest and violence against the electorally victorious Indigenous President.

The days preceding these election have been mired by blatant right-wing bullying, threats to the lives of Bolivian citizens as well as attempts of the diplomatic facilities and personnel of the Embassy of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Bolivia thus forcing the President and his Vice to resign.

As such we condemn this military coup as racially motivated towards the extinction of the indigenous people of Bolivia, and geared towards the undemocratic and social exclusion of the poor in favor of the elite and right-wing rule.

Together we stand in firm solidarity with the Nation of Bolivia and President Evo Morales as elected by the people.

We appeal to International Human Rights bodies and all peace-loving Nations to hold the perpetuators accountable for crimes committed against our Bolivia and we call for the restoration of the peoples’ will, peace and democracy.


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