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EMA Rescue to offer emergency services to patients with or without medical aid

EMA Rescue to offer emergency services to patients with or without medical aid

The EMA Rescue Service, earlier this month put their first emergency ambulance for Windhoek in service.

The ambulance will serve the public and assist everyone in case of an emergency, whether the patient has medical aid or not. The new ambulance is a 4×4 VW Microbus based at Westcare Medical Centre in Windhoek West.

OSH-Med international and WFC West Care donated the ambulance and equipment to EMA Rescue Services valued at over N$1 million.

With the moto “There when you need us” the organisation was founded beginning of this year. They have always given assistance to the Ministry of Health and City of Windhoek with their response vehicle.

“It was quickly seen, that the demand for ambulances in Windhoek, but also country wide, is big and we decided to put the first ambulance on the road,” said Fabian Martens, 1st Chairman of the NGO.

The complete board of Trustees of the organisation are volunteers who give their off- time from work to the organization, he added.

“We are proud of what we have achieved so far” said Toini Niikondo, 2nd Chairman of EMA, “and to achieve more, the organisation is dependent on donations from the industry and the public” she continued.

With their bright red trouser uniform and their uniquely designed ambulances, EMA Rescue Service paints already a new picture on emergency scenes.

The red colour of the trousers symbolizes the love and dedication which the EMA Medics have for their profession.

“A challenge is to keep everything running for our patients. For this I plead with everyone and companies, to become a supporter of EMA Rescue Service” said Niikondo.

Currently EMA Rescue Service has 4 different levels for corporate supporters and every donation in the form of goods or funds.

Recently Vivo Energy donated N$25,000 worth of diesel for the start of the ambulance services.

According to EMA, public members can become supporters with a contribution of only N$950 per annum. This amount is the average cost of a medical emergency response.

“Our aim is, to assist country wide with ambulances, especially in areas where the emergency services are needed most” Martens said.

If companies or private persons want to become a supporter of EMA Rescue Service they can contact EMA Rescue Service via telephone 061-302 931, via email [email protected] or via website


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