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Cancer Association supports women fighting cancer – Pink day commemorated

Cancer Association supports women fighting cancer – Pink day commemorated

The Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), commemorated Pink Day in support of women fighting cancer especially, breast cancer at an event last week.

Rolf Hansen, Chief Executive Officer of CAN advised the public to become body aware, which means to know your body and observe lumps, bumps, bruises and non-healing wounds, to be informed, by reading up, understanding and educating oneself on cancer, therefore breaking the stigma and fighting the disease with knowledge over fear.

“Seek advice and help, because you have the right to healthcare in Namibia, therefore speak to your local clinic team, doctor or contact us and, early treatment saves life, because it has been proven that up to a third of cancer can be prevented, more than 70% can be treated effectively if no cured completely, therefore if diagnosed and treated early as possible. Do not delay,” he added.

Hansen highlighted that with more than 55.5% of Namibian cancer patients diagnose with cancer annually being women, it is the responsibility of each and every Namibia to take hands and fight these cancers that are highly preventably and curable

“Although some breast cancer subtypes are hereditary, we can see that most affected women in our country are predominately life style related,” he explained.

According to Hansen obesity, high alcohol intake, unbalanced diet and in the case of cervical cancer, unprotected sexual conduct means that due to the poor lifestyle habits, we are in fact contributing to the burden of cancer in the country.

“Proceeds of the pink day directly benefit our women by supporting the Women’s Health Clinics of CAN, and the National Outreach Programme, therefore we need your support Namibia, to help screen and save lives,” he concluded.


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