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Update on Hartebeestloop auction

Kiep Lepen of Agra is a well-known advisor to cattle farmers.

Kiep Lepen of Agra is a well-known advisor to cattle farmers.

Cattle farmers are invited to the sixth annual Hartebeestloop Bonsmara auction on the farm of Dr Joggie Briedenhann. This promises to be an auspicious auction as the quality of the animals on offer are exceptionally good. Buyers are assured that the animals will exceed all expectations.
After five consecutive above average rainfall years, it dawned on every breeder and producer by the end of February, that the farming environment is subject to low, eratic and uneven rainfall. Regular droughts are an integral part of farming in Namibia and farmers must adapt.
But a drought is not all bad news. It forces farmers to get rid of old cows, unproductive and surplus animals although typically at a lower price.
The income generated from the sale of redundant animals can be invested in high quality breeding bulls, which would not have been possible if it were not for forced marketing. Cash flow, as always, remains an important consideration for any farmer.
Another positive aspect of the drought is that it prevents the growth of weeds thereby improving the grazing for the next rainy season. The condition of grazing is an indication that farmers must strive to farm with the optimal number of animals and not with the maximum. During years of plenty, provision must be made for the dry years.
Farmers are invited to inspect the quality of the animals for themselves, and to appreciate the aspects that lead to success in stud cattle farming. Animals of this quality can only be bred through dedicated attention, skill and aprofessional stud management. Hartebeestloop offers this year around 50 bulls of which 12 come from rocky area.
On offer are also 34% carefully selected potential stud bulls (21 A++ and 13 A+), all of which comply with very strict selection criteria. In addition to the typical visual characteristics, special attention has gone into selecting for strong hocks, strong backs, the correct shape of testicles and scrotum, as well as adaptability traits such as the coat.
A wide range of types is represented by the individual animals that will go to auction from masculine bulls with early maturity to slightly larger bulls with proven capacity and growth determinants. All bulls on auction are impressive animals.
There is also a large number of specification bulls which are more suitable for induction amongst heifers, or some that are better suited for mature cows. All these potentially stud animals derive from bloodlines with proven fertility of the female animals.
The sires of these bulls, among others, are AG 98-338, AG 04-427, AG 01-152,  AG 03-29, AG 04-175, HJS 03-16, KHB 04-168,  WAT 04-339, HART 06-58, RAI 99-54 and MMJ 03-164.  The HJS 03-16 en WAT 04-339 offspring are genetically unrelated, as is well-known.
Another factor that must not be overlooked is that many of the cows are HART female animals. The Hartebeestloop herd has achieved much success with stud breeding. Not only do they multiply genetic material, but also carefully select the male and female lines to ensure compatability leading to better offspring.
The large number of animals offered, coupled with the inherent quality of each individual animal ensures that even commercial producers will have the opportunity to buy top quality bulls that are indeed suitable for stud breeding.
It has become tradition that other breeder also offer their top animals at this auction. These animals are subject to the same auction conditions and it enables the potential buyer to select from a larger pool. Many of these animals originate from other parts of the country.
Japie Bestebreurtjie and I are available the day before the auction as well as during the auction, to give advice. Please use our service.
Do not miss this opportunity to procure top quality bulls and female animals.

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