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Agra rewards quality meat producers

Agra rewards quality meat producers

Agra Auctions announced and awarded competition winners of the Slaughter Ox competition at an event held in Windhoek late last month.
The competition provided the ox producers a platform to showcase their animal and compete in an organised competition. The prizes for the first place winners were sponsored by Old Mutual as main sponsor, while Beefcor Abattoir and Feedmaster sponsored the second and third place prizes.
Agra hosted three Slaughter Ox Competitions where a total of 122 oxen were judged at an average slaughter weight of 240kg. The first competition was held in Windhoek on 2 June 2016, followed by Aub in the Khomas Hochland area on 30 June 2016 and concluded in Nina on 13 July 2016.
The competition winners were as follows: Windhoek: 1st Gaston Mertens, 2nd Holga Pascheka and 3rd Ettienne Roux. Aub: 1st Wikus Esterhuizen, 2nd Tiaan Steenkamp and 3rd Achim Helm. Nina: 1st Kobus Human, 2nd Irene Human and 3rd Sakkie van der Merwe Ryno van der Merwe, Agra Board Chairperson was full of praise at the award ceremony. He said, “In challenging times like this, it is good to see that there are corporates providing livestock producers an opportunity to showcase and compete with their livestock in a well organised competition”.

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