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Engineers mobilise own ranks to tell the world about innovation and ingenuity

Engineers mobilise own ranks to tell the world about innovation and ingenuity

Starting this Friday, 06 September, all Namibia’s engineers are out in force to convince the rest of the world that nothing moves unless an engineer has designed it.

Namdeb’s Chief Executive, Riaan Burger, and accomplished engineer in his own right, extended an invitation to the public this week to visit the expo and conference at the Windhoek campus of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, anchoring the 2nd Annual Namibia International Engineering Week. The intensive week starts with an official opening ceremony at 09:00 on Friday morning.

Under the theme, “Invent & Innovate: Dream it. Build it”, the engineering week targets young people to promote and advance innovation and ingenuity among engineers, scientists and mathematicians in Africa. It is further a networking and investor-friendly platform for technical professionals, engineers, researchers, inventors, innovators, academic leaders and educators, where products and services will be showcased and game-changing ideas in science and technology will be explored.

Burger said many issues discussed during the engineering week will dwell on Africa’s readiness to embrace the so-called fourth industrial revolution where artificial intelligence and advanced technology meet.

“An event of this nature, centred on themes that promote and advance engineering and technology, supports our country’s ambitions of economic development and expansion. Since its debut in 2018, the Engineering Week continues to present all participants an opportunity to network on the issues that hamper socio-economic progress,” he said.

“It is for this reason that, on behalf of the Namibian Society of Engineers, I extend a cordial invitation to everyone, to embrace and attend this year’s Engineering Week, so that together we can position our country on the path to industrialization and economic prosperity,” he invited.

More information the engineering week can be obtained from the Namibian Society of Engineers at


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