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Conservation and the Environment – showcase of environment chamber’s work

Conservation and the Environment – showcase of environment chamber’s work

Namibian Chamber of Environment has just found a powerful voice in the revival of a publication that highlights conservation issues in an intelligent, appealing and informative fashion.

Venture Publications, the well-known publisher of Travel News Namibia, and for many years Flamingo, earlier this week released the first edition of their revived glossy magazine, Conservation and the Environment in Namibia. This edition marks the beginning of a formal relationship between the Chamber and Venture Publications to produce an annual magazine that serves as a window on the chamber’s work, and also presents topical issues on the forefront of local conservation.

Venture publisher, Rieth van Schalkwyk, said this magazine now floats on the synergy between their own publications and the chamber’s work. “Venture Publications was one of the first full members of the Chamber since its inception in 2016 and we have often discussed with Dr Chris Brown, the Chamber’s director, the potential for a quality annual magazine that highlights its work to an audience that shares the common goal to promote conservation,” she said.

The result is an inspiring, landmark publishing event that bristles with information on avant garde conservation topics.

A forward has been furnished by Dr Brown and researcher Gail Potgieter, and several of the informative articles originated from their pens. In addition, the magazine is loaded with articles on critical issues like the illegal wildlife trade, human wildlife conflict, the impact of mining, education and conservancy management, all by recognised authorities.

Copies of Conservation and the Environment in Namibia can be obtained from the Chamber at or from Venture Publications by sending an email to [email protected]


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