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Bitcoin payments made simpler with BitBucks App

Bitcoin payments made simpler with BitBucks App

Bitcoin payments to phone numbers has been made simple and innovative through the recently introduced BitBucks App which allows users to charge their BitBucks account with Bitcoins and then send the desired amount to the phone number of a friend or business partner.

According to Philipp Peters, Online Marketer for BitBucks, even if users do not have the BitBucks wallet yet, the payment will be made immediately, then after registration, the recipient will receive the corresponding bitcoin amount immediately.

Peters noted that every payment within the app can be calculated in your desired currency, as BitBucks supports nearly every monetary system around the world.

“All transactions within the app are offchain and in bitcoin. This keeps the blockchain free from microtransactions, which ultimately helps Bitcoin to stay decentralized. In order to provide the greatest possible security for payments, the work has been intensified on building up a secure infrastructure. By using multi-signature addresses, the coins of the users are safely stored in ‘cold storage’. This makes an unauthorized stealing of Bitcoin impossible,” Peters said.

The live app is available in the iOS App Store.


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