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More opportunities in Erongo than just mining

“Investments especially in the mining and energy sectors are key fundamentals to achieving sustainable economic growth of the Namibian economy and the realization of the country’s industrial development” said Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Tjkero Tweya, officiating at the opening of the Arandis Investment Conference and Mineral, Mining and Energy Expo which is currently underway in the desert town.
The Deputy Minister said the conference is an important opportunity to Arandis to secure investment that can create sustainable employment opportunities for its community and the Erongo region.
“In this connection, the Ministry of Trade and Industry will continue to support your initiatives and programmes aimed at assisting existing upcoming and potential investors like the small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) to develop, grow and expand their businesses. In addition, the ministry will continue to create a conducive environment for the development of new businesses in our economy so that investment is protected by the law of this Brave nation,” he said.
According to Tweya, the government believes that the SME sector is the most important source of sustainable employment creation and viable contributors to national economic growth and development.
He said a number of policy guidelines and regulations were implemented to ensure economic development, while the country’s Investment Act is currently being reviewed to ensure that it remains relevant and effective by being suitable and compatible to the current global economic realities.
“The review of the Investment Act is therefore premised on safe, worthy, predictable and sustained investment in our economy, with a clear focus that it should complement and supplement domestic overall investment in our economy,” he said.
He also said the act review is with a purpose to channel investments into channels that would make a realistic investor return, but also to create economic productive capacity for Namibia aiding in competitiveness and industrialization. And this act will reserve sectors for employment for Namibians, but would also explore avenues for foreign / national joint venture arrangements.
“The government has set its priority to diversify the economy by promoting the establishment of a vibrant manufacturing industry with an objective for value addition to the locally produced goods,” he said.
He continued “in order to successfully diversify the country’s economy, Namibia have to identify potential industries that can be competitive in the production of goods and services; therefore, the establishment of wind or solar energy plants to generate renewable energy in the Erongo Region could be one of the lucrative business ventures in this region. Because the Erongo Region is one of the ideal locations in this country where we can be able to produce renewable energy that can help ease the supply of energy in our country.”
Shifting his focus to a wider income base for Arandis, the Deputy Minister said “I would like also to inform those who are interested in investing in the tourism industry that the Erongo Region is one of the best locations that offer the best tourism scenery in our country. So, do not hesitate to explore this market.”
Tweya said the government and private sector will support people who are willing to work hard and be innovative as there are great prospects for development in all parts of the country including rural areas among the least developed communities.
“I am confident that this investment conference will result in great prospect for Arandis and the Erongo Region to be noticed by the business community as a strategic investment location in our country.”
The Arandis Investment Conference and Mineral, Mining and Energy Expo 2013 is currently taking place at NIMT under the theme, “Arandis Finding Financial Solutions for Development Initiatives”.
The conference ends this weekend on Saturday.

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