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King TeeDee distances himself from bitcoin scam

King TeeDee distances himself from bitcoin scam

Various scams have been circulating over the past couple of months using well known local personalities. Recently, Martin Morocy, popularly known by his stage name King TeeDee has fallen victim to such, according to Poiyah Media.

Poiyah Media, who represent King TeeDee in a statement said, it has been alleged that King TeeDee appeared on a local television broadcaster announcing a loop hole, which claims to transform anyone into a millionaire within 3 to 4 months. It further uses his brand to call on anyone to join a new cryptocurrency auto-trading programme called Bitcoin Code.

These reports further demonstrate how to become a member and make money over-night which currently misleads many by using King TeeDee’s brand, the company added.

Morocy recently denied his involvement or association with Bitcoin Code and cautioned all of his supporters to refrain from engaging with the scam.

“We would like to make it clear that this link and any allegations on this subject are totally unfounded. We at Mshasho, are committed to conducting business in a responsible and transparent manner, and I take these allegations very seriously. Thus, we will try to inform as many people possible to be aware of money-making scams which have robbed many,” Poiyah media said.

Meanwhile the communication firm urged the public to report any dubious sources and tip off the police to ensure that fraudsters are stopped immediately.

“Any announcements and messages from King TeeDee will only be communicated through verified social media accounts as well as his official public relations agency, therefore any other sources are part of a scam,” they concluded.


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