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The Story of Kangaroo Justice. A convicted man tells his story of justice gone awry

The Story of Kangaroo Justice. A convicted man tells his story of justice gone awry

Victor Angula’s anger with the justice system prompted him to write a book, from his perspective, how he landed in prison, spent just over 11 years incarcerated, and has been trying to put his life back on track for the past eight years.

The book chronicling his experience, aptly titled “Kangaroo Justice” was released in June this year. Victor’s intention is to let the public know of his ordeal, then to make other people aware that it can also happen to them, and finally, to state on paper, unequivocally, that he maintains his innocence, arguing that a stay of justice forced him into prison.

In his own words, this is the story of his life since the events which changed his life forever:

“My name is Victor Angula. Nineteen years ago when I was 23 years old a certain lady who ironically was a member of our church opened a case against me, saying that I had raped her daughter. At the time her child was seven years old.

This was supposed to have happened in 1998. I was arrested on the 1st of January 1999, spent one year in custody, and my trial started on the 1st of February 2000 in the High Court of Namibia, presided by Justice Pio Teek. The State was represented by Advocate Eldorette Harmse. During the trial I conducted my own defence.

The State called three witnesses – the complainant, her mother, and a young lady who was also related to them. The witnesses gave oral evidence telling the court that I had committed the crime.

On the other hand I pleaded not guilty, and during the delivery of my defence I told the court that I was in possession of a copy of the medical examination of the complainant by the doctor, and the medical evidence had proven that I had not committed the crime.

I told the court that the doctor had indicated in his report that there was no sign showing that the complainant had been raped; but her hymen had been torn some two or three days after the day she claimed to have been raped by me.

After a trial which took only one and a half day the court convicted me of having raped a seven-year-old child, and I was sentenced to thirteen years in prison. That was on the 2nd of February of the year 2000.

While in prison I tried my best to have the case come back in court on appeal. But my efforts proved futile as my application for leave to appeal and my petition to the chief justice were all refused with a brief remark that there was no prospect of success on appeal.

After having spent eleven years and four months in prison I was released in the year 2010. With the stigma on my head of having been to prison for the crime of rape of a minor I went back to society and tried to rebuild my life. I tried to get back on my feet. It took me quite a while.

So now I have written my story and published it myself. The book titled “Kangaroo Justice” is a result of the pain and anguish I endured over so many years. The story flowed from my heart like a river of tears. Through the pages of this book I am telling the world about my ordeal at the hands of the Namibian justice system.

This is a painful story. But I have told it as I wanted to tell it. If it offends someone, it’s because they offended me first.

I have aptly named the book “Kangaroo Justice” because any system of justice which deliberately sends innocent people to prison is nothing else but kangaroo justice.

This book will serve as a kind of therapy for me. By narrating my story over the 180 pages of the book I expect to receive some kind of healing. The anger and hurt which I continue to experience today as a result of my malicious prosecution, unwarranted conviction and unjustified imprisonment many years ago can only be taken away by the readers of my book since I would then feel that I have told my story.

Where to get your copy:

Copies of Kangaroo Justice are available in Windhoek at Peter’s Book Stall in Independence Avenue (Cnr of Frans Indongo and Independence), or Oupenda Market in Wanaheda or Radical Books in Windhoek West. It is also available in Oranjemund at South End Service Station, in Gobabis at Gobabis Stationers, in Mariental at One Stop Service Station, in Outjo at the Eyambeko Service Station, in Rundu at Kavango Bookshop, in Katima Mulilo at CKP Stationeries, in Omuthiya at Omuthiya Mini Market, in Ondangwa at Ondangwa Mini Market, in Ongwediva at Ongwediva Mini Market and at Ongwediva Service Station, in Oshakati at the new Okatana Supermarket, in Outapi at Outapi Mini Market, in Eenhana at Eenhana Independence Vision Mini Shop, and in Oshikango at Omutulilwa Bookshop.

Copies can also be ordered from the author directly at [email protected] or by dialling 081 619 1968.

The book retails for N$250 per copy. Discount will be given for larger orders.


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