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Bright Hill Pre-School receives financial boost from German Embassy

Bright Hill Pre-School receives financial boost from German Embassy

The German Embassy recently penned a grant agreement with Bright Hill Pre-School, located in the Babylon informal settlement.

The agreement will see the pre-school receive N$85 244, which was made available through the Embassy’s micro project fund.

The Embassy in a statement said the main focus of Bright Hill Pre-School is early childhood education of 3 to 6 year old children, many of whom come from very difficult family backgrounds.

The grant is therefore important to the school as it will ensure that disadvantaged children have access to education and shelter in a safe and supportive environment, the Embassy said.

“In addition, the children are provided with daily meals, and because Babylon settlement is not yet connected to the urban electricity supply, the financial support is used to purchase a solar power system, which will simplify the preparation of the food and allow the purchase of a refrigerator for the storage of food,” they explained.

According to Embassy, the classrooms at the pre-school can be supplied with light in the winter months and thus be used more efficiently, furthermore the pre-school will have a security fence built to ensure the safety of its students and staff.

Bright Hill Pre-School was founded in 2000 by Franz and Anne Mueller and together with their employees, have run the pre-school with great dedication.


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