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OYO to source funds for projects through international partner GlobalGiving

OYO to source funds for projects through international partner GlobalGiving

The Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) has partnered with GlobalGiving, which is a non-profit organisation that provides grassroot and charitable organisations a global crowd-funding platform to raise fund for their projects.

Before an organisation can join GlobalGiving, they have to enter an Accelerator Challenge, a contest to raise at least US$5000 in 18 days, of which OYO successfully achieved.

Following the challenge OYO got ranked 20th globally, out of 712 global organisations and is now listed as a partner of GlobalGiving, the organisation said in a statement.

Dr. Phillipe Talavera, Director of OYO said GlobalGiving has stringent criteria and applicants first go through rigorous evaluation.

“This means, we can source funding for our projects through GlobalGiving instead of relying purely on local funding initiatives that very often do not receive incentives for their support to social development in the country,” he explained.

He said that being part of this platform means they can now receive funds from companies, institutions and civilians on an international level, which is a positive development in the sustainability of the Namibian trust.

“Crowdfunding is not very common in Namibia and there is little spirit of giving to NGOs and there is also no incentive from our government to do so,” he emphasised.

He said that participating in the challenge has opened their eyes to how many friends and supporters OYO has, not only in Namibia but more on a global scale

“We are humble.. The challenge brought our past interns and persons of international partners together, from the UK, Spain, Norway, Columbia and beyond. Many other individuals from around the world are aware of the challenges of raising money and united in support of OYO to be ranked 20th, which is quit an achievement,” emphasised Talavera.

The GlobalGiving challenge is not over yet and everybody is invited to visit the web page and support OYO in their drive towards becoming a sustainable NGO.

“We live in a global village and its rewarding to feel we are all connected. Such campaigns help us feel involved and concerned by the well being of one another, therefore let us be compassionate and contribute towards Namibia’s social development and stability,” concluded Talavera.


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