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Bankers Association warns against additional fees to card transactions

Bankers Association warns against additional fees to card transactions

The Bankers Association of Namibia has warned against some merchants who continue to add additional fees to card transactions or are setting minimum or maximum transaction amounts as condition for accepting debit or credit cards for payment.

Association chair, Sarel van Zyl, said the practices have a negative impact on consumers and are in direct violation of VISA International Operating Regulations and MasterCard.

“Carrying around large amounts of cash pose a risk to the individual. With a debit or credit card, you can pay for goods and services in a safe and secure manner. Cards also offer a fast and convenient way to shop. Penalising consumers for using payment cards is not only in contravention of card operating rules, but also unfairly shifts the cost of electronic payments onto the consumer” van Zyl stressed.

Van Zyl further urged acquirers and merchants to comply with all card operating rules and regulations to protect the integrity of the payment systems and treat all debit and credit card payments like any other method of payment without surcharges added to the value. He added that they should honour valid debit and credit cards in their acceptance category regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase.

The public is encouraged to report any non-compliance with this notice to the Payments Association of Namibia.

“If the Payments Association becomes aware of a merchant’s non-compliance with any operating rules and regulations, they may notify the acquirer of such non-compliance and the acquirer must promptly ensure the merchant discontinues the non-compliance practice immediately,” van Zyl noted.


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