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Heritage Week 2019 to take place in September

Heritage Week 2019 to take place in September

The Namibian Heritage Week be taking place from 16 to 22 September and this year, the theme is ‘Namibiab /no/auba sao’, a Khoekhoegowab phrase translating to ‘follow the Namibian beat.’

“The Namibian beat is as diverse as we are, this is one of the countries that enjoy diverse cultures. And to protect this fusion of heritage, let us participate in the heritage week activities,” Desiree Mentor, chairperson of the Heritage Week said.

Art institutions have joined together to organise the week long event, which encourages every Namibian citizen to participate in celebrating and learning about the country’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

Mentor explained that the during the Heritage Week, people can celebrate, amongst others, by dressing in a way that reflects their culture and traditions or even through serving traditional cuisines, exhibitions and storytelling.

Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) Office Manager, Ndapewoshali Ashipala said a Heritage Week grant is available for MAN registered institutions and associate members who are interested in creating a programme of activities for Heritage Week. Ashipala encouraged the co-ordination of activities within regions and encouraged members to seek partnerships and additional sponsorship for their events.

According to Ashipala, the maximum grant that can be awarded to members is N$10,000. The deadline for applications is 31 May.


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