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Central bank supports technical and vocational training through apprenticeship MoU

Central bank supports technical and vocational training through apprenticeship MoU

Vocational training received more institutional support last week when the Bank of Namibia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Namibia Training Authority with a view to improve the skill level of apprentices at the technical and vocational training centres.

Viewing technical and vocational training as an economic enabler, the Bank said a number of shortcomings in this segment of training emerged at its 2018 Annual Symposium where the focus was on this type of training.

The symposium identified the need for relevance and responsiveness of training programmes as a critical undertaking, which requires a concerted effort from policymakers, regulatory bodies, training institutions, and industry role-players to equip the next generation of artisans with the requisite skills to spearhead Namibia’s industrialisation drive.

“The Bank of Namibia is delighted to be associated with the training authority’s pilot apprenticeship programme which is a timely intervention aimed at accelerating the process of producing high quality artisans for the industry,” the bank stated.

The apprentices will be contracted by participating employers and assigned to experienced mentors to induct them and provide on-the-job training in specific occupations. The larger part of the apprenticeship will be spent at employers while the theoretical course work is presented at Vocational Training Centres.

The Bank has agreed to support the apprenticeship programme for three years and cover the cost of fifty apprenticeships in the priority areas of Agriculture, Tourism and Automotive Repair.

The central bank’s Deputy Governor, Ebson Uanguta, said “As a firm believer in the upliftment of the Namibian people, the Bank is willing to play its part. This strong commitment is demonstrated through the re-alignment of our Corporate Social Investment and Responsibility Strategy to focus on the Technical and Vocational training.

Chief Executive at the Training Authority, Jerry Beukes said “the authority attaches significant importance to this national programme because we value the role structured Technical and Vocational apprenticeship can play in developing individuals’ competencies, and in nurturing their ability to apply their skills to the tasks and demands of the workplace. We thank the Band of Namibia for its support, which [is] an investment in our country’s most important resource, its people.”

Caption: Bank of Namibia Deputy Governor, Ebson Uanguta (left) and Namibia Training Authority Chief Executive, Jerry Beukes.


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