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Cancer Association ready to tackle new year- reflects on 2018 achievements

Cancer Association ready to tackle new year- reflects on 2018 achievements

The Cancer Association of Namibia gave an overview of their 2018 activities and stated that their main goal for 2019 is intervention, because it saves lives.

Chief Executive of the Association, Rolf Hansen, said they have successfully restructured and aligned themselves with the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) objectives and local vision to address challenges faced within the cancer fighting community.

“Only by standing together, can we bring about change, only when corporate and private Namibia and public service take hands can we make Namibia great again,” he added.

Rolf confirmed that last year the association made progress with all their progammes, the House Acacia Interim Home, CHICA Interim Home, National Cancer Outreach Programme, Community Clinics, Advance in screening for cancer, Advocacy, Patient Financial Assistance Programme, Circle of Hope Programme and the National Cancer Registry of Namibia and how they have impacted the lives of many people.

“When acknowledging our weaknesses and highlighting our strengths, opportunities are created to learn and grow, even benchmark with other nations and then up our game and impact more lives,” he said.

According to Hansen, the Association is committed to expanding their existing programmes to the benefit of all and he believes that a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach is the cornerstone of successfully fighting this disease.


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